One Time Classes

for Chefs in training

Body Movement

In our culinary and pastry classes,

students get to chop, grate, measure, mix and roll their way to delicious dishes with the guidance of our skilled instructors.

Kids learn valuable culinary skills and new recipes, enjoy a fun and friendly environment,

and are inspired to expand their taste buds!

 Classes are drop off only, parents and caregivers are encouraged to have fun elsewhere for the day. 

Culinary and Pastry Classes are held

on Monday Wednesday and Tuesday evenings throughout the fall. 

Themed/Special classes are held on Monday or Wednesday evenings

All of our class options  for this age group are held on weekends, on a rotation, throughout the year

Some upcoming choices:

Sushi Class

Pasta Making

Pizza From Scratch

Star Wars


Harry Potter


Pie Making

Pancake Art

Cheese Making

Global Cooking

Creme Puffs



& Much more!



*If your child is able to work on a team, respect others and follow directions they are welcome to attend these classes. 

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