About Re-Opening

I would like to thank everyone for the patience shown to me over the past several months. I would like to address reopening goals at this time. Although some things have been able to return to somewhat “normal”, that is not the case for Turnip the Beet. My initial goal was to be able to reopen our kitchen or to create online content by this fall, and that is no longer a possibility.  The challenges behind the scenes are multi-faceted and numerous, both business wise and personally.


In an effort to put my family first, and preserve the integrity of the business, Turnip the Beet will be extending our temporary closure. I am exploring options right now to determine how Turnip the Beet can best move forward. Right now, we are aiming to reopen at a new location in time for summer 2021. Any online or at home services will be announced if we are able to offer them before our reopening date. We will not be taking new customer service requests until we're open. If you are a current customer with questions or requests you can still reach us through our website. Response time will be slower than usual, but I will respond. 


Turnip the Beet will be back and better than ever. But that is not going to happen right away. We will return strong because I am going to proceed in a deliberate manner, and wait for the correct resources and the right kitchen, and make sure to take care of our customers and our employees, as well as myself and my family before rushing into business as usual. There are so many behind the scenes issues to balance with reopening the business. Too many businesses have closed and reopened only to promptly close again forever, and I would rather take the time to do this right, or to pass the business to new ownership than allow that to happen. 


Again, the patience and support shown by most of you has been moving, and I am truly grateful for it. If you are interested in business partnership/ownership opportunities or wish to support the reopening of Turnip the Beet in some other way, please contact us through Facebook or our website. 



Joy Wilson

 Owner of Turnip the Beet

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