Party With Us!


Celebrate your child's next birthday at Turnip the Beet!

Kids ages 4* & up get to measure and mix ingredients for their own sweet treats or whip up a savory dish! 

Delicious, hands-on and loads of fun!

We keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout the party so you can sit back and enjoy.

Since we provide the venue, food, activities, tableware,

and customized invitations(upon request), even the planning process is a breeze!

*Children turning 6 or under should have a parent (per child) stay for the party, and those parties are a 8 child maximum attendance.

What is included in every party:​

  • 2 hours of action-packed fun

  • Set up of party 

  • Skilled and engaging instructors

  • All food & drink for kids 

  • Take-home recipes for each guest

  • At least one, if not more, products and treats made during the party

  • Cooking utensils, aprons and tableware

                                      for use during the party

  • Paper chef hats for decorating

  • Customized electronic invitations upon request

  • Free 2-hr class for the birthday child after the event 

  • Coffee, tea, and water for  parents who stay

  • Time for present opening and other festivities

  • Complete clean up after party ( You just walk out the door when the party is over!)

  • For details on specific parties please see 

our themes below



   What you need to do:​

  • Read about our party themes below

  • Discuss themes with your child

            to find out what they want! 

  • Follow Book Now links to request a date

  • Our party coordinator will contact you at this point!


See our party FAQ

If you have other questions or concerns please contact us  at

or  call us at 502-215-8215 

Harry Potter Party

Drop your wizards and witches off at Platform 9 3/4 and let them join us for a magical evening of Harry Potter themed treats. From Butterbeer hot chocolate to pumpkin pasties and polyjuice potions, there's a little something for everyone. Come in your Harry Potter gear if you have it! 

Pasta Party

We will mix it, knead it and roll it out, and then wrap it up to take home. Guests will also learn how to make two different pasta sauces and how to shape pasta. Together we will cook pasta and enjoy some birthday cupcakes.

Cupcake Baking

During this party, we will learn fun, kid appropriate tips and tricks while we bake, fill, frost and decorate some adorable and delicious cupcakes. Each student takes home decorated cupcakes and the recipes used for the day.

Crazy Cookies

During this party we will learn the secrets to making the recipe for a perfect versatile cookie with your choice of flavorings. This party will include a birthday cake flavored sugar cookie with sprinkles instead of birthday cupcakes.

Royal Frozen Party

During our frozen party, guests will get to play dress up for photos, and make a magical version of a frozen cupcake, a character cookie and then wrap up the party by making frozen decorative milkshakes! 

unicorn deluxe

During Our Deluxe Unicorn party guests will get to play pin the horn on the unicorn, and make a magical version of a unicorn cupcake, a unicorn cookie and then wrap up the party by making beautiful unicorn milkshakes! This party has to be seen to be believed!

Emoji Party

During this party all guests will begin by making their own chocolate cupcakes from scratch, and then focusing on some chocolate dipped emoji treats and cookies decorated to resemble emoji faces. Returning to our cupcakes, we learn how to pipe and decorate them to create the most famous emoji of all, the poo emoji.

Cupcake wars

This party is based on the show “Cupcake Wars” but don’t fret, there will be no war here, only fun and cupcakes. Kids will choose flavors of cupcakes based on a challenge theme, and bake and decorate their own from scratch.

French Macarons

During this party we will work as pairs or teams in order to quickly produce this delicious little treat. We will make one flavor of macaron and fill it with a ganache, buttercream or fruit filling that guests will also learn how to make. Each student takes home some of their own macarons

Star Wars Party

We will use the force to make various treats, possibly including: Jakku ration breads, Wookie Cookies, Princess Leia truffles, chocolate light sabers and other famous foods from a galaxy far, far away.  During this party you will create at least 3 amazing out of this galaxy treats with your friends and also get to pose with Star Wars cut-outs for birthday photos!

Pizza party

 We will start by making our very own fresh pizza dough and we use fresh shop made dough to roll out our own pizza crusts, followed by piling them up with sauces and toppings. While our pizzas bake we will decorate the birthday cupcakes.

Chocolate Party

 During this party we will make our own chocolate candy bars to take home, learning about chocolate and chocolate work during the process. There will be a variety of  fillings available to make your very own unique creations. We will also create home-made  truffles. This party features a birthday cake white chocolate truffle instead of birthday cupcakes.

Pancake Art

Making the perfect pancake is an art: you need good batter, a good flip, a good timing. But these creations will take the art of pancake-ing to the next level, turning breakfast into beauty!

Wild Woodland Party

Who can resist cute baby animals and a fun adventure into the woods?

Join us for this party and create perfect smores camp cupcakes, trail mix chocolate bars and woodland creature cookies!

Chop it like it's hot

Just like the TV show, Chopped Jr, during this party guests will form small teams and challenge each other in a cooking competition as they try to prepare dishes using mystery basket ingredients!

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