• Place your order now and let your favorite little chef get to work! Your holiday baking kit will include the ingredients, tools and recipes necessary to create and decorate your own batch of stunning holiday gingerbread men and women! Or Gingerbread aliens...whatever you want to create-its your kitchen! Makes two dozen.


    Turnip the Beet is now offering baking kits for those students who would like to get a monthly at home opportunity to practice (or show off) their skills in the kitchen. Our kit gives the beginning or intermediate baker just the right ingredients for an easy at-home experience with delicious results, and eliminates the need for a parent or adult to do any shopping or recipe searching and testing.


    With your baking kit, you’ll get unique, chef-created and tested, kid and parent-approved recipes; quality, pre-portioned ingredients; step-by-step instructions; and home delivery. Our kits can also be customized for special diets and allergies.


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    All baking kits can be allergy friendly and gluten free upon request. 



    To order a holiday themed baking kit to be delivered in Dec 2019, place your order by Nov 30th 2019. Thank you! 

    December Holiday Beet Box (Baking Kit)

    • Why Our Kits?

      Beet Boxes are all about saving you time, money and peace of mind.

      You, as the parent or guardian of someone learning to cook or bake, will save time by not having to scour the internet or cookbooks in order to find a recipe.

      Finding a perfect recipe takes far more time than just hitting good ol’ google. Sometimes those perfect looking recipes turn out to be nothing but lies and false promises, or they leave out an entire step. With our kits, you will know that the recipes are chef tested and approved.


      You will also save time by eliminating trips to the market. You don’t even have to worry about not having the right ingredients, we will never ask you to have anything on hand other than the absolute basics like oil, eggs, and milk.

      And last, but CERTAINLY not least, you will save valuable time and peace of mind by skipping the prep stage of cooking. When you come to our kitchen studio we talk a lot of about “Mise en place” or ‘everything in its place’- which means getting things together and measuring them out before you begin the cooking or baking process. Doing that can take a lot of time, but is essential to a great experience in the kitchen.


      With our baking and culinary kits, we have already done that for you. So whether you plan to bake together, or your child wants to prepare dinner on his own, you are already ready to gather equipment and jump right in!


      And best of all, our kits are assembled by our own chefs at Turnip the Beet and not in a factory. We make sure each and every kit is safe, suitable and interesting! 

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